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Chiefs vs Broncos: The Kansas City Chiefs have had a hot start in 2018 with a 3-0 record through Week 3 and the offense with the highest score in the entire NFL. The team’s defense did not look very good, but one could argue that it is because they have not had to do with the way the offense has produced.
Chiefs vs Broncos live

Week 4 is a challenge regardless of how well one of the teams is currently functioning. Any game in the AFC’s Western Division is always a battle and can never be taken lightly, especially at Mile High in Denver against the Broncos.

It’s time for another set of predictions from our roundtable of writers. The average AA staff score: Chiefs 33.1, Broncos 22.4

Chiefs 34, Broncos 24
Believe it or not, I’m more concerned about the Chiefs who win in Denver than keeping the Niners at home. Continuing the good start for the home crowd seemed an inevitable conclusion, but weird things happen in Denver. The good news is that Andy Reid makes more decisions about the future of the Broncos than John Elway at the moment, and Case Keenum is not the quarterback to beat the Mahomes and Co. duel [Joshua Brisco]

This is a cheating game, but Mahomes beat the Broncos last year with the Broncos holders playing and, this year, the Broncos’ defense is worse than it was before. I think the Chiefs will not score as many touchdowns as they have in the last three games and Butker will have to try more than one field goal. I think the Chiefs will be ahead early as they have been doing and will end the game in cruise control for an easy win. [Drew Brooks]

The Denver Broncos defense is ranked 14th in yards allowed. This will be the toughest defense the Chiefs have faced so far, but the Broncos are coming off a loss where the Ravens scored the last 20 points. If the Chiefs defense can force a passing game instead of a running game, and Mahomes and the O line keep doing what they’re doing, the Chiefs will beat the Broncos in Denver. [Chantel Buchi]

I think this will be much closer than anyone would like, but road games against a divisional enemy are always more difficult than they should be on paper. The Chiefs will continue to win, but I think the Broncos defense easily presents the toughest test of the new season so far, and Denver also knows that if they lose this, they are seeing a two-game deficit in just one calendar month. [Matt Conner]

Heads 38, Broncos 24.
We’ve already seen what Showtime Mahomes can do in Denver. Road game of the week 17 in 2017, the first start of his career was a victory. I was playing with backups. The zone without flight is now the area of ​​frequent flyers. Tyreek Hill is an absolute monster in primetime, especially against Denver. In addition, he has a punt return TD against Marquette King. I predict a great night for the cheetah. [Jalon Dodson]

Chiefs 34, Broncos 24
The Kansas City Chiefs offense continues as Andy Reid continues to unleash Patrick Mahomes and his arsenal of offensive weapons in the NFL. The Broncos’ once defensive has slipped into the middle of the pack this year in both yards and points allowed. With KC’s offense averaging 19 more points per game than Denver, the Broncos simply can not keep up with the Chiefs.

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